Wednesday, July 1, 2015

New Horizons 2015 - Spacecraft meets Pluto in 13 days - Video Nasa News 6.15

Hi passengers !
The spacecraft New Horizons (NASA) will reach in 13 days the planet Pluto. 
Follow in this documentary the making-of and all about this mission on to understand this incredible journey of nine (9) years across the solar system to visit Pluto and reach the Kuiper Belt in 2020. 
The Kuiper Belt is a gigantic zone of icy bodies and mysterious small objects orbiting beyond Neptune. This region also is known as the “third” zone of our solar system, beyond the inner rocky planets and outer gas giants where Alan Stern sends the spacecraft to explore.
Countdown to Pluto :
Closest Approach - Tuesday, 14 July 2015 11:49:57 UTC
12 Days 16 Hours 10 Minutes 37 Seconds.
Distance to Pluto : 15,094,341 km 
Mission Elapsed Time - Beginning 19 January 2006, 19:00:00 UTC
3450 Days 0 Hours 39 Minutes 23 Seconds.

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